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Colon Hydrotherapy Bendigo


Please view our FAQ Section
for any queries you might have.

What system is used?

We offer closed system colonics, which is therapist administered and includes abdominal massage throughout the treatment. No noise, no odour, no mess. A small speculum is inserted into the patient’s rectum; this has one small inlet tube, running filtered water into the colon and one outlet tube attached to the machine. It is very interesting to watch what is expelled, through the viewing tube, just to see how congested one really is.



How long will a session take?

The usual colon hydrotherapy session lasts anywhere between 25 - 45 minutes but you can come off the machine at any point. Allow yourself at least an hour as you will go to the toilet after the session to release any remainder faecal matter.



How many sessions will I need?

We advise when starting to aim to do 3 to 4 sessions in the first 2 to 3 weeks. Then after that it really is up to the client, once a week, once a month, every couple of months. It is dependent on your digestive health and what your goals are. You will hit a maintenance stage so if you look at it like you are getting your car serviced or you’re getting a haircut space it out like that.

I am nervous and worried it will hurt?

It would be unusual if you weren’t a tiny bit nervous. A small speculum is inserted into the patient’s rectum; this has one small inlet tube, running filtered water into the colon and one outlet tube attached to the machine. You may feel a little uncomfortable initially, but it should not hurt. If it hurts, we must stop immediately and will be recommended to see your GP. You may feel some abdominal cramping, but we have rescue remedy to help with this.

Do I need to prepare for a colonic?

There are things you can do to make for a good colon hydrotherapy session.

  • Do not have a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the treatment

  • Keeping hydrated

  • Eating a high fibre diet

Please note: aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, (late arrivals unfortunately do result in a shorter treatment time).



How will I feel? 

It is not uncommon however, for some people to experience flu symptoms, such as headaches. As toxins which have been lying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out and a small amount may be reabsorbed into the body's system. It may feel like you are detoxing initially. 


Can I work or play sport after a colonic?

Yes, you can however we advise for you to really try to relax and just let the body try regulating after a colonic. 

What do I wear? 

Something comfortable and clothes that can be removed from waste down. Down worry, you will have a towel over you and a blanket if required.



I have haemorrhoids?

You can still have a colonic if you have haemorrhoids, we have a numbing cream to help with this. However, if they are severely inflamed it’s best to wait until they calm down. There are some contraindications as to if you can have a colonic or not.

What are the contraindications of having a colonic?
  • Cancer of the colon or GI (gastrointestinal) tract

  • Acute abdominal pain 

  • Recent history of GI or rectal bleeding

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Uncontrolled hypertension

  • Carcinoma of the rectum

  • Intestinal perforation

  • Abdominal hernia

  • Recent abdominal, colon or rectal surgery

  • Diverticulitis

  • Recent heart attack

  • Vascular aneurism

  • Renal insufficiency

  • Epilepsy (seizures) or psychoses

  • Severe inflamed haemorrhoids

  • Cirrhosis

  • Fissures or fistula

  • Pregnancy

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Acute Crohn’s disease


However please contact us if you have any questions or concerns as we will be able to properly advise you.

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